Double your fun (and productivity) with this dual-screen laptop monitor

Everybody wants the freedom to work on an Excel spreadsheet on one screen and watch classic cat mischief videos on YouTube on another. However, having two laptops, or traditional dual monitors, can be cost-prohibitive. Not to mention, your trusty office computer and its multi-monitor setup are stored away in, well, your office! 

That doesn't mean you have to wish a convenient multi-monitor setup goodbye. The Mobile Pixels TRIO, currently on sale for $256.99, is a practical and innovative plug-in accessory for your laptop that triples your screen real estate in moments. Your productivity, multitasking skills, and overall enjoyment will all be enhanced.

The TRIO is lightweight and compact, features adjustable brightness, and can be rotated a full 270 degrees to cater to your ideal viewing angle. You can easily plug the TRIO into your laptop, with one cable for both power and data, and get to work (or play) without in seconds. Plus, it's not limited to Windows PCs. It'll work perfectly with any Mac, Linux, Chrome, and Android device using its simple USB connection. 

This isn't just for the casual user. TRIO can make life easier for employees working on their laptops at home (or in the office), stock traders, gamers, coders, entrepreneurs, and students. In fact, by offering extra screen space without compromising on size, the TRIO makes the perfect travel companion if you absolutely need multiple monitors while on the go. Plus, the effort to create TRIO was funded in grassroots fashion on Indiegogo!

The TRIO is not only a good deal at $256.99, but with this deal, a $20 credit will be manually added to your account within 7-10 days from purchase.