Three anti-gun violence educators charged with illegally carrying guns while out on bail for prior gun violations

In Chicago, three men were separately charged this week for illegally carrying guns. Curiously, all three were out on bond with pending felony gun violations, ranging from "unlawful use of a weapon" to shooting at people. Even more curious is that all three men's lawyers claim their clients are actively involved in groups doing education or canvassing about gun violence. From CWB Chicago:

On Saturday, after [Sendalio] Williams was charged with a fresh unlawful use of a weapon case, his defense attorney told Lyke he studied criminal justice at Westwood College and "works with CeaseFire to educate kids about gun violence." He's been with the group for about two months, the attorney said[…]

Also appearing before [Judge John] Lyke on Saturday was 41-year-old William Jenkins, who has worked for two years "canvassing neighborhoods and high crime areas to cut down on shootings," according to his public defender.

Police allegedly found a loaded handgun with an extended ammunition magazine sticking out of a backpack between the front seats of his car during a traffic stop on Friday. Jenkins, who received a 20-year sentence for attempted murder in 1999, has a pending unlawful use of a weapon by a felon case, prosecutors said[…]

Last Sunday, Darnell Hite appeared for a bond hearing in front of Judge Charles Beach [after police spotted a handgun in his fanny pack during a traffic stop…]

His defense attorney told Beach that he's married, "works outreach to stop violence," and is an active church member.

image: public domain