Your fingers sure look tasty to this battery-powered mini chainsaw

Widely available on eBay, Amazon and the other usual places under a dizzying variety of generative brand names, this 21V mini chainsaw is a ticket to the emergency room for America's hapless gardeners. Big Clive bought one and took it through its amazingly dangerous paces: "It has no safety interlocks. As soon as you touch this trigger, the chainsaw starts running!"

There are two distinct sides to this product. One is the extremely good value for the components alone – including two seemingly decent batteries and a matching charger. The other is the fact it's a competent little chainsaw with absolutely no interlock to reduce the risk of accidental operation. And that's not a great thing for chainsaws as they have a voracious appetite for human flesh.

If you would like your own "zombie chopper"—it really does power through thicker branches much faster than a sawzall-type reciprocating saw— this one at least has a guard cover.