Awesome old footage of Mark Pauline blowing stuff up in a San Francisco parking lot

In 1981, Performance artist, inventor, and founder of Survival Research Laboratories, Mark Pauline, went live on the television show SFO to blow stuff up.

An intrigued-yet-nervous crowd gathered around as Pauline and SRL fired explosives at a giant drawing of a head, on a board. The head's mouth is agape, opening and shutting as explosives get shot into it. My favorite part of this video is when a sculpture of a little skeleton- creature is pulled out of the mouth. The dimensionality of this show is awesome, as it combines art, performance, robotics, and explosives. 

From Youtube:

"This is the show where in 1981, the host coined the phrase "Robot Wars". Blowing up shit old style in SF. They asked me if I wanted to stage the show live or pre-recorded and I said: live thank you! Unfortunately, the station owner was there and I heard from Steve Jamison, the host, that several employees were fired for having SRL on the show. Post show, Monte Cazazza just would not stop firing the exploding dart gun at the surrounding buildings, until finally the cops showed up and laid down the law. That probably didn't help. Staged in SF in 1981."