Listen to this unreleased Radiohead song from Kid A/Amnesiac era

In honor of Radiohead's 20th and 21st anniversaries of Kid A and Amnesiac, the band is releasing a triple-LP deluxe version—Kid A Mnesia—combining the two albums along with a third record titled Kid Amnesiae, described by the artists as "a memory palace of half-remembered, half-forgotten sessions & unreleased material." To get us riled up, above is one of those unreleased tracks, the lovely "If You Say the Word."

And here is the full track list of Kid Amnesiae:

"Like Spinning Plates" ('Why Us?' Version)
"Untitled V1"
"Fog" (Again Again Version)
"If You Say the Word"
"Follow Me Around"
"Pulk/Pull" (True Love Waits Version)
"Untitled V2"
"The Morning Bell" (In The Dark Version)
"Pyramid Strings"
"Alt. Fast Track"
"Untitled V3"
"How to Disappear Into Strings"