Challenge the way you see the world by learning a new language with 45% off the Busuu app

Sure, school may be out of session for you, but you're really never truly done learning. There's still so much out there to explore in the big bad world, and all of that culture isn't just going to shove itself on your little standing desk next to your world's best boss mug. When you're ready to travel again, book that flight fast, but if you're still stuck at home thinking about the great beyond, you can at least prepare yourself for the big adventure with a one-year Premium Plus subscription to Busuu Language Learning.

Alright world travelers and wanderlusters, ready to get going on some linguistics training for your next big trip? Busuu, the world's largest community for language learning, is bringing you this subscription to test your chops in 12 different languages using over 1,000 lessons created by expert linguists. The app works by using machine learning technology to provide personalized study plans, instant feedback, spoken lessons, and speech recognition.

Not really into working with a computer full-time? Busuu gets that, giving you the option to work one-on-one with a native speaker of your chosen language to work on those study plans whenever needed. This deal ensures you're signed up for the Premium Plus membership, which means you score advanced grammar lessons, offline mode, McGraw-Hill Education certification, and an adaptive vocabulary trainer. Just hook up to any Android product, iOS product, or web browser and you'll instantly be transported to a new place you may have never traveled to.

So, what languages can you sink your teeth into with this subscription? Not only can you brush up on your English, but you can also become proficient, if not expert, in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Russian, or Arabic. This ensures that, while you may not be able to travel the world, but at least you can chat like you've seen it all.

Find out why this subscription won Google Play Store Editors' Choice and Apple App Store's App of the Year. Get a one-year Premium Plus subscription to Busuu Language Learning for $59, or 45% off.