Someone ate 40 pizzas in 30 days to out-do former Papa Johns CEO

Writer Brian VanHooker embarked on a quest to eat 40 pizzas in a month. Thanks to a liberal definition of "pizza" (Boboli, eggs, and cheese as breakfast pizza?), he emerged victorious after 30 days, having consumed 40 whole pizzas. He also managed to lose three pounds. From his recap of the experience:

"Last month, the detestable racist that is former Papa John's CEO John Schnatter admitted that he lied when he claimed to have eaten 40 pizzas in 30 days. As if we need more reasons to hate the guy, now he's just inventing new controversies — and in just about the most pointless way possible. Why lie about something so stupid? Some people eat pizza every day, and as a pizza lover myself, I've probably eaten nearly 40 pizzas in a month without even realizing it."

Written by Brian VanHooker for Mel Magazine

On Day 9, he writes "Okay, I'll admit it: All of this pizza was making me feel physically ill."

On Day 14, he writes "I'd never craved vegetables so much in my entire life. Also, the pizza was making me feel so shitty that I'd done an hour on my exercise bike two days in a row."

On Day 23, he writes that he "turned to my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza cookbook (yes, I already owned this, shut up) and eventually settled on sweet pickle and pepperoni, which sounded sufficiently Ninja Turtle-y."