School cop convicted of assaulting schoolboy with autism

A police officer who dragged a schoolboy with autism down a hallway and aimed a kick at him was convicted of assault at a magistrate's court and and found guilty of gross misconduct by a board of his fellow officers. The officer, named as Christopher Cruise, 57, must pay £3105 ($4300) in fines and compensation and was told he would have been fired had he not taken retirement immediately after the incident, which occured at a special education school he was stationed in in Liverpool, England.

In the footage, the boy can be seen on the floor of a school corridor, when Cruise, a former school liaison officer, raises his leg threateningly as if he is going to launch a kick.

The boy attempts to crawl through a door before Cruise reaches down, grabs him by the hood of his coat and drags him across the corridor while the boys legs trail behind him.

The child was left with injuries to his knee following the attack in January 2020.

Cruise also reportedly threatened another child—and a teacher who told him they would file a complaint about the incident. The leniency of the punishment has led to further anger online, especially given how appalling the CCTV footage is.

That said, here's something the U.S. could benefit from having:

His name will also be placed on the College of Policing Barred List.

Correction: Cruise, not Crewe.