Woman was late for flight so she told airlines there was a bomb on board

On Monday, Marina Verbitsky and her husband and son arrived too late to board their JetBlue flight at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Apparently the boarding doors had closed and Verbitsky tried to convince the airline workers to open them. They refused. She became annoyed and began to curse at the crew. Then they told her that their bags were already on the plane and would be making the trip without her, she really became peeved.

According to police, Verbitsky announced that there was a bomb on the plane. Of course authorities then had to empty the plane and do a search. Guess what. No bomb.

So, the plane's takeoff was delayed and Verbitsky still didn't make the flight because she was (ahem) otherwise detained. From SF Gate:

Verbitsky is now facing a charge of false reporting concerning planting a bomb, explosive or weapon of mass destruction, according to the sheriff's office. Her bail was set at $10,000, and a judge ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation, the Sun-Times reported. Verbitsky posted bail on Tuesday.

"It was a mistake," a relative of Verbitsky, who requested not to be named, told the Sun-Times. "She was nervous about the son needing to go to school. It was a mess but it was definitely not meant to be."

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image (cropped): Johnnyw3 (CC BY-SA 4.0)