Learn to master the fundamentals of mathematics for only $30

Math always seems to be one of those subjects that people either love or hate. However, the fact of the matter is, it may just be the most important tool we have in understanding how our world works. It's the fundamental principle behind things like engineering, physics, and even computer programming, to name a few.

So, if you're not currently a math whiz, why not become one? Your access point into the world of arithmetic could be this Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle. This package includes nine courses spread across 429 lessons and over 50 hours of instruction. By the end, you'll be a bonafide expert.

The cornerstone of this bundle is perhaps one of the most important mathematical languages we can learn, algebra. Algebra is all about putting real-life variables into equations and solving them. With the course Operations on Algebraic Expressions, you'll learn all about algebraic expressions and their functions. Next, you'll take that knowledge one step further by using those expressions in real-world equations to find an unknown variable with Equations and Mathematical Expressions in Algebra. Additionally, Square and Cubic Roots and Exponents and Logarithms will expand your algebraic study and broaden your scope for how it can be used in practical applications.

If you want to get a bit explorative with your math study, the Complex Numbers Course will help you understand imaginary and complex numbers, learn about their properties and operations, and more. Meanwhile, you can gain a new appreciation for science and math with Science and Math Made Simple.

As an added bonus, you can delve into Mathematics for Data Science, Python Engineering Animations: Bringing Math and Data to Life, and Discrete Mathematics. These three courses will be essential for those wishing to understand more about computer sciences.

Whether you already have an affinity for mathematics, or you're looking to get started, the Ultimate Learn to Master Mathematics Bundle should be your next purchase to start learning the language of the world and how far-reaching math truly is. You can grab this bundle right now for only $29.99, or less than $4 per course.