Make sure your Apple Watch never dies with this $40 ultra-portable charger

Do you love your Apple Watch, but sometimes forget to charge it, leaving you out of luck when you're out and about? Well, now you can charge it on the go with the OMNIA A1 Apple Watch Magnetic Wireless Charger. It's a convenient way to ensure you're never without power on an essential piece of everyday tech.

Our Apple Watches are basically an extension of our iPhones these days. We use them to view and reply to texts and emails, look at the weather forecast, track our workouts, and so much more. All of this computing right on our wrists is truly insane. However, it doesn't do you any good if it isn't charged.

The OMNIA A1 will perfectly compliment your Apple Watch for any and all of your travels. All it needs is to be plugged directly into any powered USB-C device and you'll have instant wireless charging for Apple Watches of any generation. These days, you can find one just about anywhere: your car, laptop computer, or wireless charging block should all do the trick. Best of all, there are no cables and no clutter.

This charger was also designed with your tech's safety in mind. The strong magnet on the OMNIA A1 will stabilize your watch so it doesn't fall off. Additionally, the anti-loss cap is designed to protect both your USB-C connector and your Apple Watch. It's also case-friendly, so there's no need to remove the protective cover for your Apple Watch. There's no denying how sleek and compact this charger is either. Weighing in at less than 1 oz, you won't even feel it, and it's small enough to fit in any bag, or even your pocket.

Standard fare Apple Watch chargers can cost an arm and a leg if you buy from major retailers. Luckily, you can grab an OMNIA A1 Apple Watch Magnetic Wireless Charger today for just $39.99, or 18% off.