Own the Doof Wagon! Max Max: Fury Road vehicles up for auction

Auctioneers in Australia have some of the vehicles seen Mad Max: Fury Road on the block, including Imperator Furiosa's Tatra T815 War Rig and the Doof Wagon.

Available for expressions of Madness is a Museum of Modern Masterpieces, these vehicles are survivors of the apocalypse that was the filming of FURY ROAD. Blown, super-turbo charged and armed to the teeth with weaponry and War Boys, the machines that outran the end of civilisation have been unearthed in the greatest barn-find ever recorded. Nitrous, noxious, and no-nonsense harbingers of hell, marking man's uncanny ability to wring beauty even from that designed for death and destruction, art from power, meaning from machine.

The images are tiny, low-resolution postage stamps. What is it with auctioneers barely updating their websites since the 1990s? The images look suspiciously like promo shots from the set, too: some of these vehicles might be well-Turtled when you consider how extraordinarily brutal that production was—and that it was shot nearly a decade ago, several years before it came out in theaters.

They have the right sense of humor, though: "Payment can be accepted in any currency, including cryptocurrencies as we outrun the end of civilisation."