Printer ink shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Here's how to buy quality ink at lower prices.

Printer ink and toner cartridges are one of those inescapable necessities if you need to do physical printing. You not only can't come up with an alternative to ink and ink cartridges for printing physical copies of all of the important digital documents on your computer. You often have a very limited array of toner, ink, and cartridge choices for working your exact printer make and model.

Is it really worth its weight in gold?

While your printer itself might only cost a couple hundred dollars to own, manufacturers know they're glorified paperweights without that ink. That's why if you print at a fairly regular clip, you could literally spend more than the total cost of your printer just on a few new ink or toner cartridges to feed them.

Once you've got your printer, manufacturers know they have you. And if only a handful of companies make the specific cartridge you need for your printer … well, you don't have a lot of choices then, do you?

 If you feel you're getting ripped off every time you pony up for a new replacement, it's likely because you are.

Name brand ink isn't the answer

When you look at the list of the top ink cartridge manufacturers, flush with names like Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Ricoh, Lenovo, and more, you start to make an important connection. All those ink cartridge makers also make the very printers they feed. And while most printers made by those companies don't require their ink replacements as the only acceptable cartridges for their machines, they don't discourage you from that notion either.

Those makers suggest their own replacement cartridges as the primary option for replenishing your ink supply. And you could receive one of those scary "counterfeit cartridge detected" messages if you go outside the brand. So just to avoid the hassle, most shoppers stick to the manufacturer's plan, buying ink replacements from the name brand company they know, even though they're paying through the nose.

4inkjets is dedicated to the proposition that refilling your ink wells shouldn't be a fleecing. For two decades, they've been quietly supplying printer users with an alternative to the name brand products at significantly lower prices than through your typical office supply store.

Fast, affordable, and high-quality

Site visitors only have to click on their exact printer brand and model from the exhaustive list featuring most of the biggest printer makers. From there, 4inkjets then leads customers right to the perfect LD brand ink cartridge to suit their specific needs. But unlike the big boys, 4inkjets keeps the price reasonable with replacement modules available, in some cases, for as little as $3.99 each. Cartridges are each built using all new parts, including a new smart chip for tracking its ink levels.

In case there's any concern about the quality of the ink itself, most of LD's products come from the very same or similar facilities that produce ink for the big brand name companies. But without all the accompanying infrastructure, 4inkjets can put those cartridges in consumer's hands for a whole lot less, up to 95 percent less in some cases.

Along with the selection that covers virtually any printer make and model, 4inkjets also emphasizes customer service, with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of their remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges. They'll even help handle returns with ease, even when customers order the wrong ink (Yep. It happens.)

Right now, you can scoop up all the ink and toner you need to keep your printers flush and producing for years by heading to the 4inkjets site and saving up to 95 percent off. There's even free shipping available on all orders over $50.