Woman filmed intentionally coughing on shoppers loses her job

The victim chose not to file a complaint, meaning the belligerent woman smirking and coughing at her (previously at BB) in a Nebraska grocery store hasn't gotten in any legal trouble. But video virality has other consequences, and it turns out the cougher has lost her job.

"We have reviewed the incident and can confirm that the individual in question no longer works for SAP," tweeted the official account of the German software firm where she was employed.

Here's the statement from local police, which points out that online keyboard vigilantes initially got the cougher's identity wrong.

"The Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department are aware of the highly publicized event occurring in one of our local grocery stores. The Lincoln Police Department and Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department work closely with each other to address complaints of Directed Health Measures and/or related incidents…While viewing this incident may be disturbing to some viewers, enforcement is predicated on statements and evidence from those actually at the scene. The one complaint we have received is from an individual who was initially identified online as the offender. This erroneous identification resulted in online harassment and repeated offensive phone calls to her workplace. These actions are also potential criminal violations," said Spilker.