Connect with your doggo on a whole new level with this at-home DNA test

Your pup knows a lot about you, from the tunes you belt out in the shower to the embarrassing shows you binge-watch into the wee hours of the morning. And while a dog can easily feel like another member of your family, it's crazy to think about how little you actually know about them — even something as simple as their breed. 

Until your doggo can ask for a second helping of kibble, it's up to you to figure out what they're trying to tell you. That's where the DNA MY Dog Breed Identification Test comes into play. With just a simple swab of the inside of its cheek, you can find out the exact breed of your precious pup, along with its specific personality traits, potential predisposition to health issues, and so much more. And you can get these results in as little as two weeks after sending in the DNA sample. 

As a recipient of the GHP Biotechnology Awards 2020, leaders in ethical canine genetic testing, this at-home dog DNA test is one of the best of its kind you'll find on the market today. That's because it doesn't just give you a vague report of your dog's genetic makeup. In fact, you'll receive a full, detailed report that explains, in-depth, the exact composition of your dog's unique DNA and breed mix. With this info, you can better understand what your dog needs to improve its daily life, whether it means more physical activity, a grain-free diet, or simply more cuddle time on the couch. 

While regular trips to the vet are always important, getting insight into a dog's breed can help you get ahead of potential health problems and diseases. When you know of the potential risk your dog has to various illnesses, you can explore different foods, medications, and more to prevent or better prepare for what lies down the road for your sweet doggo. 

Until your pup can talk to you about how it's doing, this DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test serves as a great way to better understand your four-legged family member. And right now, it's 24% off, making it just $59.99. Plus, you'll get $20 in site-wide credit!