Enjoy portability and style with 35% off this sci-fi styled Bluetooth speaker

The era of portable speakers is here to stay, and bringing one to any function is an instant party starter. However, with so many options to choose from, not just any speaker will check all the necessary boxes. You've got to have one that can do it all. It's got to sound good, look good, and be able to play wirelessly for hours on end while maintaining portability and functionality.

The GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker answers that call. It's a bite-sized showstopper that's sure to breathe life into any function and, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in powerful sound and movie-star good looks. The audio quality is top-tier and is paired with strong, deep bass. Not to mention, you can easily sync one GravaStar Venus with a second one to increase the sound using its True Wireless Stereo V2.1+EDR/5.0 tech.

The design of this speaker is undeniably sci-fi inspired and an instant attention grabber. If the futuristic spaceship design doesn't catch your eye, the 6 embedded RGB lights certainly will. In addition to looking good, the sturdy zinc alloy shell will allow the sound waves it produces to resonate within its space for added surround sound.

You can go ahead and try your luck at getting this thing to quit too. On a full charge, you'll be able to enjoy up to ten continuous hours of playback. To top that all off, it's water-resistant, so go ahead and bring your GravaStar Venus to the lake, beach, pool, or wherever without worrying about water damage. Successfully funded on IndieGoGo, this Amazon's Choice item is currently enjoying a healthy 4.4 out of 5-star rating from the retail giant.

Originally priced at $99, you can get your very own GravaStar Venus Bluetooth Speaker right now for 35% off. That means for only $63.99, you can be rocking out with one of the best sounding and best-looking portable speakers available at its price.