Listen to the infamous "Tube Bar" tapes on YouTube

The Tube Bar prank call tapes are a series of prank phone calls that two mean-spirited fellows made to Louis "Red" Deutsch, owner of a Jersey City bar in the mid 70s.

The pranksters, Jim Davidson and John Elmo, ask Red if they can talk to non-existent customers during these phone calls. The names of the customers they would ask to speak were often puns such as "Al Coholic."

Red gets extremely irritated with these calls, threatening to physically injure them at times. Despite Red's increasing frustration, the pranksters will not stop. While I am fascinated by these recordings, I also feel it was wrong for the pranksters to have caused Red so much trouble.

The calls were recorded and widely circulated on cassette tapes. You can listen to many of the calls here.