Man's election campaign derailed by two "spoiler" candidates with the same name and similar appearance

In St. Petersburg, Russia, Boris Vishnevsky was set to run in this month's election to maintain his seat inn the Legislative Assembly. Unfortunately, two "spoiler" candidates have joined the running—both named Boris Vishnevsky and wearing similar facial hair as the first Vishnevsky. From Reuters:

The [Central Election Commission] rejected a complaint by Vishnevsky demanding that his rivals give their previous names on the ballot on the basis that the three candidates could be distinguished by their different middle names, TASS news agency reported.

Vishnevsky, a member of the liberal opposition Yabloko party who holds a seat in St Petersburg's 50-seat Legislative Assembly, said he thought the incident showed his opponents see him as a strong contender.

"At each elections for many years now we say that these were the dirtiest and most dishonest elections ever, and then at the next ones we repeat the same phrase," he said.

(Thanks, UPSO!)