Unruly couple removed from flight

Two passengers were kicked off a Jet Blue flight after yelling at a flight attendant and refusing to wear Covid masks, reports News 7 out of San Diego.

"I'm a vaccinated person," he said in the video. "I respect all your rules. Every single one of them, I respect your rules. OK? You gave me one f—ing warning."

JetBlue said the man "became verbally and physically aggressive toward crewmembers before eventually exiting the aircraft." He was seen in the video demanding the flight attendant to turn around to "face everybody" as he walked toward the employee while pointing his finger.

I'm not even sure we haven't covered this one? Unless I'm going mad, it's just better footage of this guy, who I'm sure we already posted about. Sorry if this is a dupe. Anyway, here's the (most recent) brawl at the Spirit Airlines counter at the airport in Detroit: