Collector shows off his complete set of 1,244 Game Boy games

Twitter user @marumi_1985 recently completed his collection of all 1,244 games published for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Here's a Google translation of his announcement tweet:

Completed all 1244 titles of Game Boy software on the market (excluding not for sale and hardware handling)! Full-scale collection started in September 2019, and it has been two years. With the support of so many people, I was able to collect them safely. It would have taken another five years without Twitter. I'm really thankful to you!!

According to SoraNews 24, @marumi_1985  had 1,236 Game Boy games in May of this year, and was seeking eight additional titles: R-Type DX, Wizardry II, Wizardry III, Esparks, The Black Onyx, Deja Vu 1 & 2, Little Magic, and Earth Liberation Army Zas.

He probably paid quite a bit of money for these rare titles. Earth Liberation Army Zas, for instance is listed on eBay at prices ranging from $490 to $3,500.