Guest caught using secret Disney app to skip the line

Evidently, an iPad loaded with the software Disney VIP tour guides use to skip lines found its way into the hands of an unauthorized user.


A Disney fraud investigator was on alert that someone outside the company may have gotten control of a device for Disney employees only. Over the past few days, his team had noticed unapproved overrides on a Disney app used to make reservations, the sheriff's report said.

"The app is used to facilitate entry into the front of the lines without having to stand in line to wait on the ride. The application is a private app for qualifying guests and is only installed on WDW company-owned devices," the sheriff's report said. "The app is not available to the public for use."

However, keeping a keen eye out, the Disney fraud folks quickly caught up with this unauthorized user and even called in the Sheriff.

On June 4, the Disney investigator saw the man leading a tour and bypassing the lines at an attraction in Hollywood Studios. The report doesn't disclose which ride the man attempted to access.

Upon confronting the man, the investigator asked him if he had a Disney device to make the reservations. The man admitted he did, and handed over the iPad, the sheriff's report said. By then, an Orange County Sheriff's deputy was on the scene.

The man refused to answer more questions, but he insisted he did not know the iPad was stolen. The report isn't clear where the man had gotten the device from, stating someone from "a company" had given it to him.