Les Religions Sauvages is the wicked brainchild of 30 different artists

Les Religions Sauvages [NSFW] is a two-hour film featuring a series of animations which depict a trip to hell. This film, directed by Pakito Bolino in 2004, includes work from 30 artists, from 11 different countries.

The scenes in this film were inspired by religious imagery of the La Major cathedral in Marseille. I watched this entire film from start to finish in one sitting, and I'm positive that tonight, my dreams are going to reflect the surreal horror I just witnessed. All of these artists' minds combined is a riveting concoction of madness.

From YouTube:

Thirty artists from eleven countries have created a visual trip to hell that was inspired by the devotion pictures of the La Major cathedral in Marseille. This absurd mix of styles is close to the Art Brut. The ugly, blasphemous and obscene work stresses out the often anarchic side of the animation film and is easily incorporated into the complete works of the artists collective Le Dernier Cri, which was founded in 1993 in Marseille.