"The Maniac" and "Return of the Maniac" are two homemade horror films from the late 70s

In the late 70s, two 8-millimeter horror films titled The Maniac and Return of the Maniac were made by kids in Galion, Ohio. I stumbled across these vintage films on YouYube, and I can't get enough.

I love old homemade horror films and seeing what kids are able to come up with to freak people out. The grainy aesthetic and nostalgic color palette of these films adds to their eeriness and beauty.

As a lover of film and horror, these truly creepy stories about "the maniac" were delightful to come across.

From Youtube:

This film was made in 1977 in Galion, Ohio.  It was filmed on 8 millimeter film with no sound.  Each scene was filmed a single time in sequence.  No splicing was used.  Minor editing was conducted once the film was digitized. Musical accompaniment was added in 1989 when the film was converted to VHS.