Woman claims she was kicked off Alaska Airlines plane for wearing a pro-Trump mask but airlines she's not telling the full story

Sara Gamache says she was removed from an Alaska Airlines plane for wearing pro-Trump mask. She took a video and posted her argument with the flight crew to TikTok.

Gamache also launched a website encouraging people to boycott Alaska Airlines.

But Alaska Airlines said in a statement that Gamache isn't accurately describing what happened, and that the mask said "F**k Your Feelings" in addition to "Trump 2020":

Ms Gamache falsely claims that she was removed for wearing a mask with a pro-Trump political slogan. 

In fact, she was removed for refusing to follow crew member instructions on multiple flights and because a profane statement appeared on the mask in violation of Alaska's policy.

This was the second incident in which Ms Gamache defied crew member requests to comply with the federal mask policy. In January, Ms Gamache received a yellow card for repeated refusals to wear an appropriate mask. 

We expect our customers to comply with Alaska policies and federal law when they choose to fly with us.


Kicked off Alaska Airlines Flight for wearing a Trump mask! They told me to change it and I did then they came back and said they still wanted me off the plane. www.exposealaskaairlines.com

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