Academics rush to correct rapper Nicki Minaj's claims that a vaccine caused her "cousin's friend" to become impotent

Nicki Minaj came to Twitter to share a questionable story about "her cousin's friend" who became impotent after receiving the Covid vaccine. Some of her 22 million followers, including experts, immediately responded with offers to help Minaj learn about the vaccine, which does not cause male infertility or erectile dysfunction.

Various board-certified urologists suggest that Minaj's cousin's friend may be experiencing symptoms of an STI, and other people suggested Minaj consider the differences between correlation and causation.

Dr. Raven the Science Maven, a science communicator with a 2021 Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, responded with a vaccine rap that she made for a former student.

From experience, stories about "cousin's friends" may not always contain accurate information. Still, I wish Nicki's cousin's friend the best with both his genital and marital problems, and I urge everyone to please get vaccinated!