Black mom wins $2m settlement after being dragged from car and beaten by Philly cops who then posed for photo op with her "rescued" toddler

Remember Rickia Young, the black nursing aide trying to drive home around protests last summer only to have her car windows smashed by cops? They dragged her from the vehicle and beat her in front of her child, which was then used in a photo op by cops falsely claiming the child was lost during "lawlessness" in the city. The City of Philadephia is to pay Rickia Young a $2m settlement.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called the treatment of Young "absolutely appalling" and "inexcusable."

"This terrible incident, which should have never happened to anyone, only further strained the relationship between the" police and community, Kenney said in a statement.

"The officers' inexcusable actions that evening prompted an immediate and thorough investigation of the incident and for personnel to be disciplined and held accountable for their egregious conduct. I hope that the settlement and investigations into the officers' actions bring some measure of closure to Ms. Young and her family."

Here's the infuriating photo posted by the Fraternal Order of Police, who knew from the outset that no matter how quickly or thoroughly it was debunked that there would be no legal consequences for it or for the officers involved.