Get a leg up on everyone in the office with these Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets guides

A lot has changed since you started your career behind the keyboard, and if you can't keep up with the times, the generation in front of you will swoop in and eat you alive. Sure, you could retire early (we all know your savings will last you comfortably until at least next Tuesday), but there's an easier way to both keep your job and get a raise at the same time. Cue in The Premium Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle and score some quick but useful knowledge in all things business organization.

In 2021, your work experience should be lightyears away from basic spreadsheet creation if you want to beat Gen Z at their own game (or live in their cities). The Premium Google Sheets And Microsoft Excel Certification Bundle can absolutely help make you more marketable in every sense of the word. So, how does it work? With 11 different courses, 20 hours of content, and just about a billion different lessons, you can easily become a pro in sorting, analyzing, and reporting data on platforms like Google Sheets, Microsoft, Excel, Power BI, and SQL. 

Once you're familiar with the platforms, you'll get your hands dirty by building dynamic tools that filter, display, and analyze your data, as well as designing customizable, formula-based formatting rules that cut down on work time. Beyond that, you'll get a crash course in discovering how trends lend insight into any project, as well as the formulas that prove positive for any business. By the time you're done sorting through all of the lessons and jargon, you'll be prepared to develop your own data models for gathering accurate, complete, and timely reports like Bill Gates himself (just leave your dad jeans at home, not even a billionaire can pull them off).

The best part? All of these courses offer lifetime access, so whether you're ready to get the show on the road now or later, you can always be ready to brush up on a number crunch how-to just by opening your laptop.

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