Incredible flipbook-style animations made from dozens of people's tattoos


#Duo avec @kewpietattoo tattooed the legend

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Montreal tattoo artist Phil Berge tattooed dozens of people with slightly different artwork to create fantastic flipbook-style animations. Above, Snoopy dancing his iconic dance. Below, the result of Berge tattooing 76 people to create a a scene from Betty Boop's Snow White (1933). I appreciate that so many folks put skin in the game to help Berge create his art!


Finally! I made a total of 76 tattoos to create this scene from Betty Boop Snow White. A huge thank you to everyone that got tattooed for this project. #fyp #tattoo #tattoos #animation #stopmotion #fleischerstudios #cabcalloway #fleischer

♬ St. James Infirmary – Cab Calloway

(via WAXY)