These two guys re-made Raiders of the Lost Ark, shot-by-shot

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation was made by three creative Mississippi teens Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos, and Jayson Lamb over a seven-year period.

The boys began making their own adaptation of Spielberg's hit film when they were only 12 years old in 1982. They worked on the film over the next seven summers, re-creating the original shot-by-shot. It's amazing to see stills of their movie compared to Spielberg's. They didn't miss a beat.

In 2014 the friends raised money on Kickstarter and reunited to complete one last scene that they needed for the film: the explosion of the flying wing aircraft. As youngsters they never could have imagined that one day their film would gain notoriety, and even be seen by Spielberg himself.

In this video you can hear Eric and Chris talk about the film, their friendship, and learn about the notoriety that their completed project gained.