When unvaxxed dad screams at NY pizzeria for not letting him in, customers react in the best way

An irate unvaccinated gentleman caused a scene at Juliana's Pizza in Brooklyn, screaming at the restaurant for not letting his family sit inside the establishment. New York City requires proof of Covid vaccination in order to eat inside a restaurant (but the unvaccinated are welcome to eat outdoors, if that is an option, or take the food to go). But Ray Velez, who shot video of his tantrum and posted it on his Instagram page, @savingsovereignty, tried to make it a political rather than a health issue.

After trying to say his family was religiously exempt, and then saying "I'm not leaving," and "We just marched for this," he turns to the diners and shouts, "Everything okay with that? Everyone okay with setting segregation in society? We don't have our vaccine cards, so now the kids can't eat."

The funny thing is, as loud and disruptive as he was, the Covid-fatigued diners barely reacted. They just kept munching and chatting amongst each other, bothered about as much as one might be if a fly came buzzing in.

"Is this the America you want to live in?" he later shouts.

Finally a few customers react, saying, "Yep!" and "Yes," while another gives the anti-vaxxer the middle finger.

"No, fuck you," the unvaxxed man screams back. "You're not American. That's why you need to get the fuck out of here if you're not American."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This was a tough crowd. They seemed to be enjoying their meal just fine.