Yet another vocal anti-vax talk show host dies from Covid-19

If you throw a rock in the United States you might well hit the casket of a conservative radio talk show host who denounced the Covid-19 vaccine, and urged his followers to do the same, and then died of Covid-19. List Bob Enyart, a self-proclaimed "rightwing religious fanatic" who hosted a radio show in Denver, Colorado, to the constantly growing tally of vaccine non-believers to die from the dreaded disease.

Bob Enyart, a rightwing talk radio host in Colorado who urged people to boycott vaccines for Covid-19, has died of Covid-19. death was reported two weeks after the Denver Bible church said he and his wife had been taken to hospital.

"Pastor Bob and Cheryl are in … good hands and improving daily," the church said then. "We anticipate and pray for a full recovery. We both grieve and rejoice together during this challenging time."

In a Facebook post on Monday, Enyart's co-host, Fred Williams, said: "It comes with an extremely heavy heart that my close friend and co-host of Real Science Radio has lost his battle with Covid.

The Denver Post reported that Enyart was a practiced and brutal provocateur who once used a show on cable television to mock by name people who died of Aids. According to a 1999 profile by Westword, Enyart "gleefully read obituaries of Aids sufferers while cranking Another One Bites the Dust by Queen".

Enyart also called for women who had abortions to face the death penalty.

Regarding Covid-19 vaccines, Enyart said people should boycott the shots "because …they tested these three products on the cells of aborted babies".

Last October he successfully sued the state of Colorado over Covid-related restrictions on church attendance.

Enyart sounds like not a great guy, using religion as a shield to say whatever he wants, scare people into his will and holding on to destructive beliefs, and though I take no great pleasure in his passing, is it possible that his death wakes up some of his followers and possibly saves their lives? Somebody, who bought into his garbage, HAS to gain clarity on the value of a life-saving vaccine especially when their leader dies at the hands of it.

Four other rightwing nut job hosts have died from Covid after thumbing their noses at it in the very same way. I don't wish anyone death. I would much rather the vaccine-unbelievers pay attention to the fact that their drive-home guy isn't there anymore to listen to on the radio and maybe why that might be. The math, the science and the sense are all staring directly back at them.