Bright Cellars is making wine selection a lot easier – and a lot tastier

There's a reason why the movie Sideways was such a hit with audiences. Sure, it had a great cast and a fun script, but part of its success was baked into its premise. It was a comedy about people who took wine way too seriously. That's an idea that practically writes itself. 

You know all the stereotypes. Wine people are snooty. Wine groups are cliquey. Wine fans congregate on yachts, weekend at country clubs, and generally show approval by rattling their jewelry. They're the upper crust of the upper crust.

But of course…those are just stereotypes. Bright Cellars is digging into the truth – that wine fans are mostly just average folks looking for the best sampling experiences at the lowest possible price. That's why Bright Cellars is working to democratize the wine world, opening up the everyday wine aficionado to new tastes from both new and old wine producers that they may never experience otherwise.

Bright Cellars thinks wine is for everyone. Their service is tailored to connecting members to a finely-curated collection of international wines they think each member will enjoy while also opening up the broader world of viticulture and wine education. That ensures members get wines that'll hit their palettes just right, backed with the knowledge to make the sensation a true five-sense experience.

It starts with a short wine quiz. After seven quick questions scoping out a drinker's tastes and preferences, Bright Cellars builds out a package of wine varieties suited just for that enthusiast.

Those selections aren't just dialed up out of thin air either. Only one in 12 wines their in-house sommeliers taste make it into a Bright Cellars monthly collection. Created by a pair of MIT grads with a serious passion for wine, the Bright Cellars algorithm scores each wine that makes the cut on 18 different attributes, then matches them against your profile to connect you with a wine that'll hit all your pleasure points.

Of course, Bright Cellars is more than just linking you with a wine hook-up. Each month's collection of four wines come with education cards that go deeper on each bottle, clueing you in to the wine's region, origins, and other critical insider details. That'll not only help you look really smart at your next dinner party, it'll also broaden your knowledge of the grape to help make better wine selection choices in the future.

And as a Bright Cellars member, you're also part of the Bright Cellars community. Rate the wines you receive to help improve future matches and refer favorites to other members. Or check in with the Bright Cellars concierge to ask questions or get recommendations. Members also get exclusive rewards points that can be redeemed for bonus bottles and other perks.

Right now, fans of the vino can slide over to the Bright Cellars website, take the wine quiz, and get started with the first monthly box of wines shipped right to their door. With the offer, new members can also receive their first six-bottle wine box, usually a $45 value, for 50 percent off.