Cross your fingers: the world's largest container ship heads for the Suez Canal

In one of 2021's many odd plot twists, container ship Ever Given blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week in March, creating a traffic jam of hundreds of vessels— and a major disruption in global trade.

Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself. A brand new, even bigger ship, Ever Ace, will head through the canal in the coming days. While the ill-fated Ever Given held 20,124 cargo units, Insider reports that the new ship, Ever Ace, can hold 23,992 units. It will be the largest container ship to go through the Suez.

According to American Bureau of Shipping records, the two ships are the same length, but the Ever Ace is wider and deeper. The Ever Given is 192.9 feet wide, slightly narrower than the Ever Ace's 201.7 feet. The Ever Given has a draught, or depth, of 52.4 feet in comparison with the Ever Ace's 54.1 feet.

Cheryl Teh for Insider

What's with all the "Ever" names? Taiwanese company Evergreen follows an "Ever" + "G-word" naming convention. Its 20-ship fleet contains ships with names like Ever Gentle, Ever Gleamy, Ever Genius, and Ever Going.