Ghostbusters left behind electronic device at "haunted" museum, causing a bomb scare

Staff at True's Yard Fisherfolk Museum in King's Lynn, England freaked out on Sunday upon finding an odd wooden box containing electronic components. The box was inside one of the museum's restored fisher cottages. The lights in the structure had been switched off and a dehumidifier unplugged as well.

"It was a bit nervewracking as it was on the anniversary of 9/11 and someone had left a random box with what looked like home made wiring," museum curator Lindsey Bavin told Lynn News.

Turns out that the box, labeled "Paranormal Technology: Finding the Truth," is a motion-activated music box meant to alert you when a poltergeist is present. See the video demo below.

The museum posted a Tweet inviting the owner to retrieve the box and promised that they would "not take further action" even though "leaving untested electronics in a Grade II listed [preserved, special interest] building is irresponsible."

Apparently the museum is rumored to be haunted and a local ghostbuster had left the box behind during an investigation. The individual collected their device and apologized.