Here's how Jeopardy wizard Matt Amodio got so good at trivia

Matt Amodio is a Yale Computer Science PhD student and when he's not working, he gets lost in Wikipedia. Amodio's episodes are airing now, and he's currently ranked third for most consecutive episodes won: twenty-one. He trails only Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer. When asked how he became so knowledgeable about so many different topics, Amodio responded to USA Today with this quote:

"I like to read. I think that you can't do it without reading. So on a regular basis, I just fall into a rabbit hole of Wikipedia links, (and) every article opens up 20 more things that I have questions about it. This is just how how I spend my day, or my nights when I'm done working. I did change one thing for preparation for the show, though, because I don't necessarily find culture to be super-interesting. I'm a historian at heart and I like learning about culture maybe 40 years, 50 years later. I like looking at it in the rearview mirror."

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