Never miss a single detail with a digital microscope like this on your hands

No matter how good your vision may be, the naked eye sure misses a lot. Like if you ever look up close at a Van Gogh painting β€” all those brush strokes and swirls are the magic behind any of the artist's masterpieces. And the same goes with other things in life, whether it be vintage coins, the inside of a flower, or a drop of blood

If you're in the business of seeing things up close and personal, no old, outdated microscope can hold a candle to this unique digital model. Thanks to its impressive 12 million high-definition pixels, you can see anything you put under the lens in incredible detail, opening your eyes like never before. 

But perhaps what really sets this microscope apart from the rest is the fact that it has adapted to today's digital world, allowing you to see everything on a screen. That's because it comes equipped with a large, seven-inch IPS screen that lets you observe things in a whole new way, without having to close one of your eyes. And as if that wasn't convenient enough, the microscope also boasts a USB port that is compatible with both Windows and Mac desktops. 

Thanks to the magnifying tool's computer visualization, bright LEDs, and highly accurate zoom settings, you can see whatever you're looking at in incredible detail. Great for coin collectors, botanists, lab-workers, and beyond, this microscope makes the business of exploration that much easier, showing you rich details effortlessly. 

With a running time of 2 hours, you don't have to worry much about keeping the microscope charged as you work. And when it is time to gas it up again, it can reach its full power potential after just 3.5 hours. And with a name like Mesay behind it, you can bet this microscope will stay in excellent shape for many, many years to come.

At 32% off, it doesn't take a magnifying lens to see this is a good deal. Snag the 7" HD Digital USB Microscope for just $203.95.

Prices subject to change.