This company went on Shark Tank in 2018, now they're a leading force in alcohol-related health

Tossing back a few with friends is tough enough as you get older. But if you're trying to lead a health-conscious lifestyle while still enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two…well, that can be a narrow tightrope to walk.

The reality is that as you age, less & less alcohol makes you feel worse & worse the next day. Plus, you likely have a lot more responsibilities that just don't jive with that less-than-100-percent feeling.

Since we know we'll be feeling not-so-great the next day, it only makes sense to be prepared with something to help us bounce back.

That's where Cheers Restore comes in. Cheers Restore is an after-alcohol aid designed to help you feel better after drinking while also supporting your liver. The formula is currently available in both capsule and beverage form.

The active ingredient in Cheers Restore is dihydromyricetin (DHM), a natural plant extract that's been used in traditional Eastern medicine for centuries. However, in 2012, a groundbreaking study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that there was more to DHM than centuries of hearsay. DHM was shown through animal studies to bind to the same brain receptor that alcohol binds to, the GABAa receptor, and by doing so, reduces GABAa rebound—the main cause of why you feel less than 100% the next day. Since then, many studies have corroborated these findings. 

Just one dose of Cheers Restore capsules after drinking had participants in Cheers' patent study feeling an average of 50 percent better in eight notable areas. Rather than swearing off drinking once you hit your respectable adult years, Cheers is designed to fit your lifestyle, so you can enjoy alcohol on your own terms and feel ready to take on the next day.

After four years of establishing their place as a leader in alcohol-related health and generating over $25 million in revenue through online orders alone since 2017, Cheers is now soliciting an investment via StartEngine. The brand hopes to soon roll Cheers Restore onto retail shelves – with the goal of making Cheers available anywhere that alcohol is sold.

As Cheers pushes into the ~$250 billion a year U.S. alcohol market, you can visit their StartEngine campaign, get a feel for their product and business plan, then decide if you're ready to invest in their vision of "a world where everyone can enjoy alcohol throughout a long, healthy, & happy lifetime." If you act soon, you can get 20% off their products on their website ( and try Cheers for yourself. Just use the promo code INVEST20 at checkout!

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