This ultra-compact, totally wireless portable charger is only $24

Nothing is worse than having your devices die when you're out and about. Sure, standard portable power banks will do the trick, but most are too bulky to carry around in your pockets. Plus, then you have to worry about the long charge times for those power banks have, not to mention the hassle of carting around a bunch of extra wires for every device.

This TAU Ultra-Compact 3-in-1 Power Bank can solve all of that. Weighing in at only 1.4oz, you can store it anywhere, or even hang it as a keychain to use when you need it. It's so light and small that you may even forget that you have it with you. 

The best part is that no matter what your charging needs are, TAU has you covered. It's outfitted with every integrated universal connector you could possibly need while on the go, whether that's Lightning, USB-C, or MicroUSB. That means no more carrying around messy wires!

To charge the power bank itself, just set it on the included magnetic charging dock. The dock itself has double-sided tape on the back that can easily be set onto a counter, wall, or any convenient flat surface. You might want to grab a few of these to outfit all of your rooms. 

With a 1400mAh battery inside this tiny powerhouse, you'll be able to add hours of extra use to your smartphone, tablet, and even laptops that charge with USB-C. No more worrying about not having your connections to the digital world, and no more going to great lengths to carry bulky power banks.

Coming in three colors: black, white, and green, the TAU charger is the perfect stylish and convenient accessory for anyone who needs to juice up on the go. Right now, you can snag this super portable charger for 17% off at only $23.99.