Get over $375 off HotSpot Shield VPN Premium and surf the web securely and privately

Whether we want to admit it or not, 2021 has presented truly fruitful for viruses, both of the biological and technological variety. Sure, most of the time hacks and breaches are usually on a larger scale, but they can still find you on an individual level. Whether writing code, online shopping, or doing work, chances are, you'd like privacy. Given this digital climate offers very little of that, you may need some extra crypto-cushion. This three-year subscription to HotSpot Shield VPN Premium has you covered.

So what is HotSpot Shield VPN Premium? Perfect for computers and mobile devices alike, HotSpot Shield VPN by Aura uses military-grade encryption to protect your online privacy and keep you on the move. Surf easily while you mask your physical location from third parties while the app logs none of your info. On top of that, it also doesn't store any of your personally identifiable information, including your IP address, so you leave no trace of your whereabouts when you're doing your thing in a foreign place on a foreign server. 

Worried about viruses? Not anymore. With HotSpot Shield, you're protected by a top-notch backup that thwarts hackers, malware, and phishing sites from tracking you. And, since the app prevents throttling, your internet service provider can't see what websites you visit.

Need more reassurance? You can get unlimited bandwidth and stream unlimited content from our friends at Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more from over 3,200 servers and 115 virtual locations across more than 80 countries with just a few short clicks. TL;DR: HotSpot Shield VPN is the only app you need to secure all of your browsing from digital peeping Tom types. 

Find out what TechRadar CNET, ZDNet, and PCMag are raving about. With the best web pricing out there, you can get the HotSpot Shield VPN Premium: Three Year Subscription for $89.99, or over $375 off.