Quirky song blames boomers for wrecking everything

Oakland-based Tight Pajamas have released a new ditty called Boomer's Lament. Susie Davis of the band wrote me:

Sept 16th is the 65th anniversary of the release of Play-Doh, and the perfect day to reflect on all the great stuff the Boomer generation gave the world:

The Beatles! LSD! Women's Lib! Macrame! Bell Bottoms! The Pill! Jello! And so much more!

Unfortunately, while having "one hell of a party" those Boomers unwittingly left behind a trashed planet, and that was the inspiration… 

Here's a bit of the lyrics:

Children of the world war boom, we rode the magic bus
We had the pill and the Big Chill and we pillaged Toys-are-us
We lived the dream, and skimmed the cream, it really was a ball
But we took the earth for granted, and we missed the wake-up call

We had it all, We had it all
It was never in the plan
To wreck the future but Hey Man …

We rode that escalator to the very top
Sorry kids … the good times all been spent
It was one hell of a party, so sad it had to end
now we sing the Boomer's lament,
Boomer's lament
The Boomers' Lament

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