Someone in Russia tried to steal a bunch of cryogenically-frozen human brains

Futurism has the most reliable reporting on the strange case of Valeria Udalova, co-founder and CEO of KrioRus, a Russian cryogenics company that specializes in freezing the cadavers and brains of the wealthy and deceased.

Udalova … allegedly attempted to abscond with several frozen bodies after a disagreement between her and founder Danila Medvedev, Rubase reports.

According to British tabloid The Times, Udalova is Medvedev's ex-wife.

It's an unfortunate situation, considering the contraband in question. The company reportedly holds 81 frozen remains of human "cryopatients" and 47 animals. And roughly 500 people have signed contracts with them to be frozen when they die — in hopes, of course, that future medical science will be able to resuscitate them.

From the sound of it, Udalova was trying to break off into our own separate cryogenics company, and was trying to take a couple of corpses with her. Maybe? It's unclear. I still have a lot of questions. Fortunately, Udalova uploaded a 15-minute video to YouTube in hopes of explaining the situation. Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian, and the Google Translation of the auto-generated captions is … difficult to parse.

Woman Accused of Stealing Cryogenically Preserved Human Bodies [Victor Tangermann / Futurism]

The founders of "KrioRus" did not share the business: trucks with frozen "cryopatients" were intercepted by the police [Rusbase via Google Translate]