AI draws movie posters based on textual descriptions of films

Noah Veltman took textual descriptions of several famous movies, then fed them to an AI — to have it generate a graphical version of what the text describes.

The result: AI movie posters.

That one above? Ocean's Eleven.

They're pretty trippy to look at! Veltman cleverly made his experiment into a game: On his page, he shows you several dozen of the images and you can try to guess which movie the AI is drawing, before clicking on the caption to reveal the correct name.

I managed to guess a few — including Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz. But a lot of them were pretty cryptic: I had no idea I was looking at Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

If you want a deeper explanation of the type of AI Veltman used — dubbed "VQGAN+CLIP" — you can read about it here.

(tl;dr: it's a type of GAN that mixes convolutional neural networks with transformers — the latter more typically used in language — and smooshes it together with a model that matches captions to images.)