Brazil's anti-vax president Bolsonaro forced to eat pizza outside in NYC

Last week, Brazil's far-right president Jair Bolsonaro declared he would not get vaccinated before attending this week's UN General Assembly in New York. "Why would I get vaccinated?" the confused gentleman asked in an online broadcast."

Coming from a country that just reported 150,000 new Covid cases in one day (a number that may reflect previously unreported cases over the last few months), his question is preposterous. But according to The Guardian, Bolsonaro had "signaled that he will snub New York City vaccination rules," and that he was nowhere near the point of getting a Covid shot. "Once everyone has been vaccinated, I'll decide my future."

Cut to Bolsonaro in New York, looking a bit snubbed as he stands outside an eating establishment, eating a slice of pizza.

Via Daily Beast

Top image by Jeso Carneiro / Flickr