Restaurant with a no-mask rule kicks out mask-wearing family

A family with an immunocompromised four-year-old son was ejected from Hang Time, a bar and restaurant in Rowlett, Texas for wearing masks. According to Natalie Wester, she and her husband were approached by a server who told them, "Our manager told me to come over because I am nicer than he is… But this is political and I need you to take your masks off."

In an interview with CBS DFW, the owner of Hang Time said, "I have spent my money on the business, my blood sweat and tears in this business, and I don't want masks in here."

He says it's a private business and he has every right to refuse service to those who want to wear their mask.

"I feel the overall reaction with masks is ridiculous in the United States right now," Tom said.

There's no sign, instead the hostess tells everyone who wears one that they must take them off at the door.

"So when they put their masks on the other night, they were reminded that at the front to take it off. They didn't want to, and so we asked them to leave," the owner continued.