Texas police chase ends in deadly shootout with suspect

This chopper footage shows the end of a police chase on a Texas highway and a brief but startling shootout between a pursuing officer and the suspect. The officer was shot in the arm, leading to some unusual footage: the pursuit chopper landing nearby to medevac the officer, then speeding from highway to hospital while the camera stays automatically locked to the GPS location of the shootout.

The suspect, named as Ernest Manuel Montelongo, was shot in the chest and taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he reportedly died.

According to DPS spokesman Deon Cockrell, the shootout happened after the suspect gave the trooper a false name during a traffic stop, resisted arrest and fled. Cockrell said the trooper pulled the suspect over in Guadalupe County for a traffic violation and attempted to take him into custody for giving a false name and then the suspect fled, leading the trooper on a chase.

If you're wondering why the officer decided to take on an armed suspect alone after being warned about him over the radio, I imagine he's asking himself the same question.