The bizarre MyPillow Guy now claims Alabama flipped 100,000 votes (yes, Trump won that state)

Even though the MyPillow Guy, aka Mike Lindell, is being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion for pushing Big Lie voter fraud conspiracies and blaming the fraud on voting machines, he's at it again.

In a video posted to his website, according to the Alabama Political Reporter, the pillow peddler bizarrely claimed, without any evidence, that Alabama — a state that went to Trump — "flipped" 100,000 votes during last November's presidential election.

From Raw Story:

The announcement, for which he did not provide any evidence, comes after Lindell announced a trip to Alabama to meet with state GOP officials like Gov. Kay Ivey (R) and Secretary of State John Merrill to investigate the count himself, despite the fact that Trump won the state by 25 points.

"Lindell, in a video posted to his website on Sunday, said Alabama's election officials are doing 'everything right, but they still somehow got through, with computers or whatever,' referring to hackers, although he didn't identify who those alleged hackers might be," reported Eddie Burkhalter.

"Lindell claimed, without offering any proof, that according to his 'packet capture' data, intercepted network traffic that he's claimed show evidence of election hacking, 100,000 Alabama votes were 'flipped' and that 'we do have the data. Dr. Frank's data, where every, every single county was affected.'"

"Dr. Frank" refers to Douglas Frank, an Ohio mathematician and former teacher who has promulgated conspiracy theories about the election.

Image by Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America – Mike Lindell, CC BY-SA 2.0