Atlantic staff writer David Frum angers Trump voters by calling them obese drug abusers who enjoy "weirdly homoerotic fanfic images of Trump"

While being interviewed on Matt Lewis' podcast, Atlantic's David Frum has some advice for Trump voters, who he says are aging, obese, unhealthy, unhappy, and worshipful of Trump's questionable physical health: go for a walk, and order the salmon.

The Republican Party is an elderly party. It's the party of people with chronic health problems. I mean, we know one thing that was true in 2016. If you found a county where people there's a lot of obesity and drug abuse, that's where you had a lot of Trump votes. So there's something compensatory, I think about this cult of physical prowess. It's people who, at some level, feel physically weak, who are attracted and, and who have even lost… I mean, there's there are all these, you know, weirdly homoerotic fanfic images of Trump. And Donald Trump who just can't lift a glass of water, can not walk down a ramp, hasn't done meaningful physical exercise ever in his life, and plays golf. You know, the idea that you would make this this fetish about him I mean, it says something about your doubts and your needs, and we are not as physically healthy a country as we should be. And and so we, and the Republican Party, and the Trumpy fringes have a special problems with personal physical health. And, what I was saying was "Look, stop worshipping these people just go for a walk. Go for a walk and and and stop eating with the fried foods. Go for a walk or go for a walk and order the salmon."

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