This bundle of arts and crafts classes will help you find your new favorite hobby in a flash

Learning how to DIY is the perfect way to keep busy when we eventually have to go back to living in social isolation again, but some people just aren't quite sure where to learn how to create. Before you try and take up at-home barbering again, try this one-year Unlimited Plus subscription to Creativebug Fine Art And Craft Classes and find your new favorite hobby without losing your hair (or an ear).

Get your creative juices flowing! With the absolute latest and greatest in art and craft education, you'll be well on your way to finding an outlet for self-care in just a few short lessons. Here's what you get with Creativebug: With unlimited access to high-quality, on-trend arts and crafts instructional videos, finding your passion in the arts and craft world should be a breeze. Want more tips, tools, and trades? You'll also get on-demand access to the full library of 1,000+ arts and crafts classes in super high-quality HD for everyone from beginners to art teachers and beyond. New classes are released daily, so even if you do happen to plow through the library, you can always count on there being more.

So, what can you expect to learn in these all-inclusive classes? All classes are taught by experts and include topics related to knitting, crocheting, art, design, paper, sewing, quilting, jewelry, kids art, food, home, holiday, and party themes all from the comfort on your couch. You'll also receive exclusive patterns, templates, and recipes to get you through the classes, as well as to give you that hands-on learning. How's that for a Sunday Funday activity list?

The cherry on top is that this is all yours unlimited for a full year, so even if you get caught up in Christmas crazy during the winter, the spring can still be your opportunity to bloom into a new hobby, swim into your creative side in the summer, and fall into autumn crafts during the milder months.

Get the Creativebug Fine Art And Craft Classes: One Year Unlimited Plus Subscription for $35, or 50% off.