Watch this montage of Qnut madness at school board meetings in America for a good scare

If you want to know what QAnon disinformation does to a society, look no further than this terrifying montage of local school board meetings in the U.S. of A. Posted by @therecount on Twitter, some of the incredible lunacy in the video (shown below) includes:

Confused anti-masker: "By putting masks on these kids' face, you can't identify any of them. Voting on this tells me you guys support sex trafficking."

Woman sporting not red but green MAGA cap, Palm Beach County School District: "And let me tell you something! Go home tonight and take one of these spoons? And put it on your vaccination spot. Guess what? It's going to stick to you!"

Rep. Madison Cawthorne (Q-NC), Buncombe County Schools Board of Education Meeting: "Forcing our children to wear a mask is nothing short of psychological child abuse."

Gentleman in beige cap, Carson City School District Board of Trustees (May 2021): "Do you have any idea what's in the vaccine? e.coli, pig blood, detergent."

Screaming white gent with dreadlocks, Board of Supervisor's meeting: "Your children!!! And your children's children!!! Will be subjugated!!! But let me ask!!! Have you been a good little Nazi!!! Heil Fauci [I think this is what he's saying. Hard to hear over the growl]!!!