A talk show host on why rich republicans want us to hate the word "antifa" in witty video

"Hi, I'm antifa!" talk show host Chip Franklin declares in this brisk breakdown of what antifa really means.

While Republicans have turned "antifa" into a dirty word, with such success that most on the left won't go near it, the San Francisco KGO commentator does the opposite, embracing it with gusto. He reminds us what fascists are (when the rich sector of a party "changes the law, making it impossible for you to vote"), then points to the poor sector of the same party: "Now these Republicans, I don't know what the fuck they're thinking." This group, he explains, are bamboozled by the anti-anti-fascist movement of the right to their own demise.

"A cynic once said, 'If voting really mattered, they wouldn't let you do it," he summarizes. "So when they work this hard to steal your vote, you know what really matters — their fascists. So I guess that makes me antifa, bitch."